What we do:

We specialize in residential and commercial pinestraw delivery and installation, we strive to ensure that the pinestraw we offer is the best available.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal!

Serving Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Pine Straw's Many Advantages

It helps to stop weeds and grasses. It breaks down slowly and adds organic material and nutrients to the soil. And it has a neutral Ph.

Pine Straw holds moisture to help your beds and lawn from losing much needed water.

Some of our products

Long Needle Pine Straw
Long needle pinestraw comes from the Southern Yellow Pine tree. This pine produces the longest needles of any southern variety of pine. The needles are 12 to 18 inches in length. Additionally, long needle pine straw holds its color longer, decomposes at a much slower rate, and spreads further in the landscape than short needle pine straw.